Saturday, August 2, 2014

Altered Books

the edge of disaster 
wolves eat dogs
and my shoes keep walking back to you.
Reality charting
family history.
If you loved him
(what’s a father for?)
there is room for you.
The plan:
behaving like adults.
-are we there yet?-
Life studies,
true enough,
nothing but the truth,
nothing to fear.
to believe not to believe
the worst day of my life, so far.
The story of forgetting
this happy place.
All or nothing.
A greater good,
no hidden meanings.
You know better.
Fever, secret life,
the woman in the cloak.
She is me, 
who I was supposed to be.
Crazy woman blues.
How I got to be perfect.

(This poem is from books chosen by Wendy Dumond for altering.)